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Training Manual Websites for Mentoring

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These 10 websites provide access to a wide variety of training manuals on topics from recruiting, through training, to evaluation, including some on mentoring foster children, workplace mentoring, peer mentoring, developing mentoring workshops, mentoring pregnant and parenting teens, mentoring young women, school-based mentoring, group mentoring, and mentoring sexual minority youth.

1. Be a Mentor
The Mentor Project of Fremont, CA is an excellent example of a local program thinking big by developing a number of useful resources and then sharing them with the world via the Web.  This section of their site contains some great training guides, available in PDF format:

  • Training Guide for Volunteer Mentors
  • Training Guide for Facilitated Mentoring Programs
  • CoordinatorTraining Instructions for Trainers
  • Mentor Training Instructions for Trainers
  • Training Guide for Recruiting Students

2. Center for Applied Research Solutions
Foster Youth Mentorship Training for Program Managers(2003): “designed to assist programs who serve youth in foster care in interacting with the foster care system”.

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3. Cornell Youth and Work Program
The Cornell Youth and Work program provides workplace mentoring for youth to prepare the transition from school to work. The trainers guide is designed for novice mentors. All Trainers Guides are available for downloading on these topics:

  • Views of Mentoring
  • How Mentors Teach
  • What Youth Learn

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4. Mentor Consulting Group
This manual is used as a reference for mentors. The contents include policy, overall procedures, and dos & don'ts. (32 pages)

  • Manual for Mentors
  • Guidebook to Mentoring
  • $20 each
  • Order form available online

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5. Mentoring At-Risk Youth: Handbooks and Guides
A link to sources where these publications can be downloaded is provided:

     a. Abell Foundation (Baltimore, MD)
Abell Foundation, Mentoring Manual: A Guide to Program Development and Implementation, Baltimore, MD, 1990. The manual can be ($4.50) ordered online at :

Abell Foundation, Inc., The Two of Us: A Handbook for Mentors, March 1991. The handbook contains basic mentoring procedures and activity planning. The activity section provides skills to develop an activity for mentees to promote academic improvement, exploring career, health and well-being.

     b. Mentoring Works!
Avani, Nathan Thomas, Mentoring Works: A Peer Helping Program for Middle and High School Students, Bureau for At-Risk Youth, New York, 1998.  The material can be purchased online at:

Mentoring Works: A Student Workbook, Bureau for At-Risk Youth, New York, 1998.  A guide for students in peer mentoring.

Mentoring Works: Facilitator Guide, Bureau for At-Risk Youth, New York, 1998. A guide for teachers and practitioners on how to implement and manage the program.

     c. National Dropout Prevention Center/Network (NDPC/N)
Smink, Jay, A Training Guide for Mentors, National Dropout Prevention Center, College of Health, Education, and Human Development, Clemson University, 1999. Online Purchase ($18.00) This book provides all the necessary training components. Developed to be used as a reference book for mentors in training.

Crockett, Lib; Smink, Jay, The Mentoring Guidebook: A Practical Manual for Designing and Managing a Mentoring Program, National Dropout Prevention Center, Clemson, SC., 1991 This is a guide for an individual, organization, or community to start and maintain a mentoring program. The Guidebook also includes example forms and a list of resources.

     d. Dare Mighty Things
Dare Mighty Things Inc, A Mentor Active Approach to Reclaiming Youth at Risk, Mentor Study Guides, National Education Service, 2000. ($139)
Tools and technical assistance to facilitate a four hour, five training workshop. Also, provides insights about the problems in the lives of youth.

     e. 100 Black Men of America
Dortch, Thomas, The Miracles of Mentoring: How to Encourage and Lead Future Generations, Doubleday/Broadway, 2001. ($12.30) Online purchase
Guides and strategies on how to develop and manage a mentoring program from needs assessment to management; also includes stories of the mentees.

     f. United Way of America
Enterprise Foundation, Partnership For Success: A Mentoring Program Manual, United Way of America, Alexandria, VA, 1990. A step-by-step guide for implementing an effective program. The manual includes:

  • Need Assessment
  • Creating Partnership
  • Funding
  • Recruit and training volunteers
  • Marketing
  • Evaluation

The manual can be ordered from:
     United Way of America Volunteer & Community Initiatives Division
     701 North Fairfax Street
     Alexandria, VA 223174-2045

     g. Others
Biehl, Bobb, Mentoring - Confidence in Finding a Mentor and Becoming One, Broadman and Holman Publishers, 1997. ($27.85) This book can be purchased at Guide and tips for local churches to develop a program.

de Rosenroll, D., Saunders, G., and Carr, R., Mentor Program Development Resource Kit, Peer Systems Consulting Group, Inc, Victoria, BC, 1994. Online purchase ($49.95) The Guide has three sections: The rational for mentoring programs, Best practice, and A training guide for mentors, their partners, and mentors and partners together.

Englund, Susan; Kanfer, Frederick, et al. A Mentor Manual for Adults Who Work with Pregnant and Parenting Teens, Child Welfare League of America, 1990. Online Purchase ($18.95) The fact sheet provides extensive information on evidence-based techniques. This Manual would be useful for on-going training,

Faddis, B et al, Hand In Hand: Mentoring Young Women. A Guide for Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating a Mentoring Program, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, Portland, OR, 1988. Ordering information: Provides useful information based on empirically validated practice of same-race, same-sex mentoring program. Book1 Manual for Workshop that Provides Guidelines ($27.50)
Book2 Activity Suggestions ($22.50)
Book3 Insights of the Students from the Students’ Journal ($9.00)

Fennimore, T. and Pritz, S., The Helping Process Booklet for Mentors, National Center for Research in Vocational Education, Columbus, Ohio, 1998. This 14 page Booklet provides guides for a dropout prevention-mentoring program.

Glasgow, N.A., Taking the Classroom into the Community: A Guidebook, Corwin Press, and Thousand Oaks, CA, 1996. ($41.95) Online Purchase Offers instruction for recruiting community members as a mentor, activity planning, insurance and liability issues involving out-of-school activities.

National Mentoring Partnership, How to be a Great Mentor, Alexandria, VA, 1999. ($5.95) Ordering information: Comprehensive training guide by the National Mentoring Partnership.

United States Department of Education, One On One: A Guide for Establishing Mentor Programs, Washington, D.C., 1990. Ordering information:

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6. National Mentoring Center The NMC is a cooperative agreement between the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention and the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.
This site has the most resources in training:
Training & Supporting Mentors -  A list of mentor training publications:
     a. Strengthening Mentoring Programs
The NMC provides Training curriculum for practitioners as well, which consists of 10 modules designed by Public/Private Ventures, which incorporates the up-to-date knowledge from their recent studies.
     Module 8: JUMPstarting Your Mentors
     Module 9: Connecting and Communicating
     Module 10: Keeping the Relationship Going
Module 8 provides a model curriculum for an initial training session.  The manual includes a model agenda, suggestions and all the basic knowledge that practitioners need in facilitating an initial training session. (27 Pages). Other contents are (Module1-7): Recruit, screening, Maintaining Partnership, Evaluation

 "The National Mentoring Center offers a wide variety of publications and training materials to programs and mentoring professionals. All publications are available for download on this website. All materials produced by the NMC are "public domain" meaning they can be reproduced by programs and individuals and incorporated into other training materials and program manuals (NMC must be cited as the source, however)."

     b. Training New Mentees: A Manual For Preparing Youth in Mentoring Programs
“While almost all programs engage in thorough training and preparation of volunteer mentors, we have found that many programs do not offer similar pre-match training for the youth who are about to engage in those mentoring relationships. Proper training and preparation of mentees can result in greater satisfaction, increased participation, and more meaningful "buy-in" by youth. This guidebook can help your program develop and deliver a mentee training session that gets kids ready for the mentoring journey. Training New Mentees features 92 pages of strategies, training exercises, and supporting materials that can be adapted to suit your particular program.”

     c. Generic Mentoring Program Policy and Procedure Manual
“This new resource should help any program streamline operations, address risk management issues, and ensure quality and consistency of services. The Generic Mentoring Program Policy & Procedure Manual has been designed to be applicable to just about any mentoring program. The guide covers the importance of establishing strong policies and the benefits of having effective procedures in place to guide your operations. It offers everything your program will need to create a sustainable set of program rules, guidelines, and procedures”.

     d. Foundations of Successful Youth Mentoring: A Guidebook for Program Development
“Written for program administrators, board members, mentoring staff, and others interested in establishing or improving youth mentoring programs, this 110-page guidebook lays the foundation for a mentoring program's long-term success and the safety and well-being of the youth they serve. The guidebook identifies five critical foundations of successful youth mentoring and delivers specific guidance on how to optimize them in new and existing mentoring programs. Includes self-assessment questions, listings of other key resources, detailed checklists, and planning timelines.”

     e. Strengthening Mentoring Programs Training Curriculum
“The National Mentoring Center's training curriculum is a 10-module tool for training program staff and mentors in effective program practices.”

     f. School-based Mentoring
Module 1: Targeted Mentor Recruiting
Module 2: Screening Mentors
Module 3: Making and Supporting the Match
Module 4: Forming and Maintaining Partnerships
Module 8: JUMPstarting Your Mentors

In addition, there are technical assistance packets, a quarterly Bulletin with tips, a mentor recruitment postcard, sample forms, a booklet on student mentoring, and a  National Mentoring Center Lending Library.

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7. National Mentoring Partnership
     a. Learn to Mentor Offers online training and PDF files:

  • Course Introduction
  • Mentoring: An Orientation
  • The Mentoring Lifecycle: It's the BEST!
  • Next Steps
  • Check Your Knowledge
  • Ask An Expert

     b. A Training Guide for Mentors:
“Written by Jay Smink, Executive Director of The National Dropout Prevention Center, this guide was developed for use by program planners and coordinators responsible for managing and implementing programs. The materials serve as a primer to plan and conduct a comprehensive training program for adults and youth volunteering to be mentors. “

Contact: The National Dropout Center
Phone: 864-656-2599
Cost: $17.50, multiple copy discounts available

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8. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP}
This website lists many publications on mentoring, including links to two training manuals:
a. Foundations of Successful Youth Mentoring: A Guidebook for Program Development “This guide draws from results of the national evaluation of Juvenile Mentoring Program grantees and other resources to identify 31 separate program elements across five broad categories of program design: strong agency capacity for service delivery, effective program practices, strong formal partnerships and informal collaborations, sustainable resource development and funding, and useful program evaluation.”

      b. How To Develop an Operations Manual for Your Mentoring Program
“This document discusses how to develop an operations manual for mentoring programs.  The primary uses of an operations manual are to develop strategies to be used  in running the mentoring program and to chronicle the development of operational procedures so that they can be passed on to subsequent program staff.”

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9. Public/Private Ventures
A partial list of publications that can be ordered online:
     a. Measuring the Quality of Mentor-Youth Relationships: A Tool for Mentoring Programs
     b. Same Race and Cross Race Matching
     c. Group Mentoring: A Study of Mentoring Groups in Three Programs
     d. Supporting Mentors
     e. Building Relationships: A Guide for New Mentors
     f. Training New Mentors
     g. Recruiting Mentors: A Guide to Finding Volunteers
     h. Mentoring Sexual Minority Youth

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10. Teammates
School-based mentoring program
Lincoln Public Schools Mentoring Training Manual
This manual is designed for an initial training. Most of the contents are incorporated from National Mentoring Center’s training manuals. There are tips for particular issues such as teenage girl’s sexuality. The additional training is given at each school site.

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